Download Cup Manager to your computer

The Cup Manager client is a application that you download to your computer. All your data and information about your tournament is saved on our secure servers in the cloud, which means you can work with your tournament from any computer. The interface you use is on a desktop client that you can download using the link below. When you have downloaded the client, you will be asked to log in using your email and password. You can get an account from your tournament administrator.

If your tournament does not use Cup Manager, but you would like to try –contact us here eller schedule a demo. We love to show the system when we get the chance!

Cup Manager for PC

Cup Manager for Mac

Note that the Mac-version is a beta version. It means that small bugs and error might exist. If you notice something that does not work as expected contact out support.

Cup Manager app for administrators

Cup Manager Admin is an app that can be downloaded to both Android and iPhone. It is also possible to access it from the link below using any browser. The app contains functions where you can report results (both end-game and live), checkin of teams, infodesk and speakers.

You need to create access codes from within the Cup Manager admin app to access the functions in the app.

Do you need help with the application?

This post is also available in: Svenska (Swedish)

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